stepping over cracks

on any given day i'm usually mucking about the house, browsing other blogs, reading a book, trying to get fit, or getting crafty. stepping over cracks is a place to scrape together all my musings, doings, and seeings. i'm married to my high-school sweetheart, and incidentally, the most wonderful man ever! we live in perfect harmony in austin tx with a very fat and lazy cat named belle (from belle and sebastian), and the most rambunctious mischievous cat named maximillian. i should clarify that the cats are excluded from our 'perfect harmony' living…they can't stand each other but they seem to tolerate us. i've worn many hats in my life -- technical support specialist, network administrator, nuclear medicine technologist, but as of now i'm a 'stayer at home-er'. my husband likes to say that i'm a lady of leisure which has a nicer ring to it than the self appointed title of 'the maid' (^_^)
not many would actually stay to read all of this mumbo-jumbo but if you did you deserve a pat on the back! congrats and enjoy the eclectic mix!
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